Sunset is definitely my favorite part of the day, it creates a game of lights and shadows that really blows my mind. I often go to the place where I shot this look cause it combines this through the square buildings with the urban charm which I really love. It didn’t even take a minute to me to decide what to wear for a shooting there, I had it clear in my mind: it had to be simple but strong and what’s more simple than a jeans and a t-shirt..but I wanted it to give it an edge so I chose a limited edition pair of jeans, a Levi’s Orange Tab, combined with an iconic Levi’s tee which matched perfectly the graffiti around the area. Simple but effective huh? Hope you guys like the photos as much as I do!

I was wearing:

Levi's T-shirt
Levi's 501 - Orange Tab Jeans 
Vans Old Sk8r Hi shoes
[Filippo De Dionigi photographer]

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