Skater Boy

Luca Vezil - Skater Boy

A skate, a warm sunset and a comfy pair of jeans. Could I ask for anything more? A beer, probably, but as I’m on a diet and I can’t drink much alcohol, I settled with the first three! I always wanted to skateboard in a real skatepark and I finally made it! Plus, I always wanted to shoot something there and I’m pretty satisfied with the result, how about it? I was wearing the iconic Levi’sâ 501â jeans, so comfy you can even skate with them, and a baggy t-shirt, I could move free with. You can custom your jeans with patches and studs but I preferred to keep them plan to have a darker look and scare the other skaters, that’s how I got the skatepark all for me! It was so nice to practice my tricks but I have so much to improve and I can’t wait to go back there!

I was wearing:

Levi's T-shirt
Levi's 501 Jeans
Vans Old Skool shoes
[Filippo De Dionigi photographer]

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